5 Tips for Finding Effective Global HR Solutions

How to successfully scale a global team with workforce management solutions (WFM).

Rose McCarter-Field

By Rose McCarter-Field

Why do you need Global HR Solutions to scale your team successfully and legally?

When your business scales globally, your company is legally responsible for complying with local employment and taxation laws.

All employees and self-employed contractors need comprehensive verification checks, locally compliant contracts and consistent and reliable payments.

In each country you will need expert payroll, onboarding, contracting and time/expense management which can be costly and take up your valuable time.

This is where the right specialist Global HR Solutions Partner can give you complete peace of mind whilst saving you time and costs.

Here are our 5 top tips for choosing an effective Global HR Solutions Partner to manage the expansion of your global workforce.

1. Get assurance of international legal compliance from the WFM provider.

This means they must have first-hand experience and a network of legal experts that specialise in employment and taxation laws within the countries that you operate.

International employment and taxation laws are complex, and you as a company are legally responsible for compliance.

Right to work, IC, AML and KYC checks should be performed, and you don’t want to be liable for deemed employment or seen as a permanent establishment for taxation. Knowledge of local benefits and employment law is crucial to keep your talent happy.

2. Does your Global HR Partner offer everything you need in one vendor?

Ensure that you check that they have experience in the countries you need. Do they provide EOR and AOR services to onboard, contract and pay employees and Freelancers compliantly?

3. What kind of service are you paying for?

A bespoke risk framework specifically tailored for your unique requirements is ideal. You and your workforce should have a dedicated account manager and be able to speak to compliance experts directly.

Your workforce should feel the difference with an unmatched first-class onboarding service to ensure they feel part of your company from the moment they accept your offer.

For reliable payments, transparent costs, and a first class, timely service, you need a team of experts you can rely on.

4. How quickly can you get started?

Check that the partner WFM solutions company you are considering, can provide almost instantaneous onboarding, so that your new hires can get started quickly and compliantly.

5. Ask the Global HR partner how they can guarantee that your distributed workforce will be paid on-time, every time!

The right provider should have previous experience and expertise in-country and be able to explain what processes they have in place to ensure timely payments every month. Make your life simple and have total peace of mind with bespoke solutions for your growing global workforce.

At Project Recruit our Global HR Solutions provide a comprehensive and tailored payroll and global workforce management (GWM or WFM) service with assurance of ongoing legal compliance.

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