How Will Global HR Solutions Benefit My Business?

How Will Global HR Solutions Benefit My Business?

Why do I need Global HR Solutions? What are the Risks to Employing People Overseas?

Rose McCarter-Field

Von Rose McCarter-Field

Employing people overseas with no legal entity can be a complex minefield.

There are many risks to the business involved in hiring internationally that could result in lack of business continuity, fines and penalties and reputational damage

If you don’t already have a complete recruitment, payroll, and HR team set up to run smoothly and efficiently in-country, partnering with the right Global HR Solutions agency can provide a first-class service to your valued workforce and give you peace of mind that you will remain compliant.

Retaining Talent Despite Increased Global Mobility

In recent years, the way we work has shifted considerably. 

Since the pandemic the increased mobility of the global workforce has meant that a remote working model has become normal and is often now an expectation in many industries. Digital Nomads are enjoying their freedom to work remotely via newly created visas and incentives.

People are increasingly key to the success of any business and companies need to find a way to retain employees who have decided to return to their homeland or to improve their lifestyle by working online overseas. 

Widening The Candidate Pool and Attracting Top Talent

We have recently found ourselves with a skills shortage across many industries, which has led to recruiters looking elsewhere for the talent required to fill their roles. 

Employers are now more comfortable employing remote workers, as statistics show an increase in productivity and wellbeing. Offering remote work as a working model also ensures employers remain competitive in the current and future market, where candidates have greater leverage.

Partnering with a Global HR partner offering an EOR (Employer of Record) services for employees and an AOR (Agent of Record) services for freelancers / self-employed has given companies a relatively new avenue to retain and attract key talent, whilst remaining compliant and mitigating risk.

Global Expansion – Testing New Markets

Many companies are looking to expand their businesses globally but setting up a legal entity can incur considerable costs and can be a lengthy process.

You can test a new market very quickly and cost effectively despite having no legal entity by partnering with an expert Global HR Partner to compliantly hire, manage and pay staff in new territories, avoiding the complex risks involved in hiring staff overseas.

You no longer need to tie up considerable capital, resources and wait many months to set up a legal entity in a new country to move your rare talent around the globe to set up in new markets. Speed to market and compliance are no longer at odds.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The success of Merger & Acquisition deals can come down to the integration and transition of people, process, and systems. Planning and speed to market is key for board members and often companies find themselves in the position where they have new employees to pay quickly and match benefits but have no entity or local knowledge in the new country. 

A Global HR Partner can be an important tool for companies engaged in M&A to transition quickly and simply whilst their entity is being established.

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Scaling Your Business Successfully with Our Global HR Solutions

Scaling Your Business Successfully with Our Global HR Solutions

Essential considerations when expanding your team globally

Rose McCarter-Field

Von Rose McCarter-Field

Looking to expand your business operations to get a foothold into new markets?

Perhaps you want to test a new market before fully committing considerable time and finances setting up a new entity?

You could be scrambling to ensure your new staff are paid compliantly post-merger or acquisition?

Whether employing new permanent staff or engaging self-employed short-term contractors, there are essential considerations to legally scale your team overseas, ensuring that your company does not fall foul of local laws and risk hefty fines.

Global expansion is an achievable goal for many companies worldwide but can be complex and daunting to venture into a new country in which you have never operated before.

Every country has its own legislation with regards to employment law, benefits, taxation, payments and employer responsibilities which you must comply with.

Local employment and taxation laws also differ depending on whether the worker is self-employed, or a permanent employee and many countries now have laws to ensure that the category of worker is correctly assessed for tax purposes.

There is a considerable risk of ‘deemed employment’ whereby self-employed workers could be deemed as operating as employees for law or tax purposes – which is a significant risk for the hirer who would be liable in case of lost taxes or employee benefits.

Companies can also risk being classified as a ‘permanent establishment’ in-country and incur tax demands, penalties and reputational damage.

So what is the solution?

A trusted Global HR partner with local legal and accounting expertise and experience of working in the relevant country will work with you to ensure you stay on top of changing legislation, employer responsibilities and taxation regulations effortlessly.

At Project Recruit we are experts in Global HR Solutions worldwide, enabling our clients to expand internationally, quickly, cost effectively and most importantly – compliantly.

Your people are your business so it’s crucial that your HR partner has experience and knowledge of local benefits and customs. At Project Recruit we are experts in Global HR Solutions worldwide, enabling our clients to expand internationally, quickly, cost effectively and most importantly – compliantly.

Once your talent is up and running as soon as possible, you will also have assurance that they will be paid reliably, compliantly, and accurately on-time, every time.

Our service is tailored to your company needs and can include:

    • Employer of Record (EOR) and Agency of Record (AOR) services
    • Full background checks including right to work, AML and KYC checks
    • Assistance with worker status determination such as IR35
    • Independent contractor verifications
    • Country and worker specific contracts for legal and taxation compliance
    • Expert guidance with local benefits and customs as well as employment law
    • First class onboarding service enabling your team to get to work quickly and legally.
    • Legally compliant payroll, time, and expense management
    • Assurance of ongoing legal compliance as the local legislation is updated frequently
    • Provide timely and accurate independent contractor payments, every time
    • Provide consolidated invoices to save your time
    • Ongoing workforce management for your team overseas.

At Project Recruit our Global HR Solutions can provide a fully comprehensive payroll and global workforce management service with compliance assured giving you peace of mind.

Read our country specific insights for employers here.

Find out more about our Global HR Solutions.

Get in touch with us for seamless and almost instantaneous onboarding of permanent staff and self-employed contractor hires

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How to Run Global Payroll for Your Overseas Remote Workforce

How to Run Global Payroll for Your Overseas Remote Workforce

Operating with a globally transient workforce

Rose McCarter-Field

Von Rose McCarter-Field

Does your business operate with a digitally remote workforce?
Perhaps you are starting to recruit globally dispersed staff, digital nomads, and contractors?
The world of international payroll is very complex and can seem daunting.

Here are a few crucial considerations for you and your payroll management.

    • In which country is the worker a tax resident?

If they are a British tax resident and travelling around the globe while working, or perhaps based a few months a year in another country, then it is most likely that your payroll would run in the same way as your other contractors or staff based in the UK.

If you spend 183 days or more per tax year living/visiting the UK you are automatically considered a tax resident. You may also have to pay tax on income earned abroad. Different countries have different rules of course.

    • Are they contracted as a permanent member of staff or as a Self Employed worker ?

Legal obligations will differ depending on the country in which the worker is a tax resident. For example, in most of Europe a self-employed contractor is responsible for paying their own taxes but if they are contracted as an Employee, it is the responsibility of the Employer to deduct taxes at source.

    • Which currency are you paying them in?

If you are paying them in another currency, be aware of foreign exchange (Fx) rates and fees. If their bank account is in another country check transaction compatibility. For example, when transferring money to a Turkish account from a Euro account, it may not be simple to pay in Turkish Lira. Or if you are paying a Spanish national who has moved to another country and no longer using their Spanish bank account, you’ll need to find an alternative payment method.

    • How do you ensure legal compliance for tax and contractual obligations?

If you have Employees or Independent contractors who are tax residents of other countries, it’s important that you partner with payroll experts with local knowledge and experience will ensure you remain legally compliant and stay compliant to those laws as they change.

For assistance with running international payroll, freelance payments recruiting and onboarding staff and contractors across the world, take a look at our Global HR Solutions.

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Has your global expansion been affected by Brexit?  How can Global HR Solutions help?

Has your global expansion been affected by Brexit? How can Global HR Solutions help?

Rose McCarter-Field

Von Rose McCarter-Field

Many companies based in the UK wishing to operate in the EU have been affected by Brexit. This is also true for EU based companies wishing to operate in the UK. The landscape for companies with permanent staff and contractors across Europe has become more complex.

The requirements have increased as a result of a global move to ensure local tax compliance for international teams. Since the legal reforms of April 2021, compliance with current IR35 legislation is also a key factor for UK based staff and contractors.

Many technology and finance companies have been affected by this global move to increase local legal requirements. Both small companies and large corporations have had to change their payment and onboarding processes. Whether you are a young Greentech start up or an established enterprise, outsourcing your Global HR needs has become a reliable solution to ensure legal compliance and timely onboarding.

Relocating or hiring new staff in Europe and the EU? The US or India?

Whether you are relocating staff to another country, or hiring new staff in another country, Our Global HR Solutions make it easy. We provide efficient and effective provision of all the processes and paperwork required for global hiring and relocation via our EOR and AOR services for employees and freelance workers offering you greater flexibility.

Our global network of legal and accounting experts provides a seamless and effective, bespoke service.

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What Can I Expect from a Global HR Solutions Partner?

What Can I Expect from a Global HR Solutions Partner?

Rose McCarter-Field

Von Rose McCarter-Field

Global HR Solutions (Global WFM) enable businesses to be compliant, competitive, expand into new markets easily and attract and retain top global talent.

Typically, a Global HR Solutions partner will be an expert in local employment and taxation rules and regulations across the globe, enabling them to onboard your new hires simply and with due diligence and the highest level of service to reflect your company values in their candidate journey.

You will need a partner with expertise in Employer of Record (EOR) services for employees and Agent of Record (AOR) services for self-employed, freelance workers, to look at the risks for individual cases and the best way to mitigate these for the client.

Compliant onboarding includes right to work, Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) checks, contracting (and benefits if employed) and proof of tax registration / self-employed certification for Self Employed workers.

Companies don’t always know where their remote workers are based, and tax liability is complex, as workers can be liable for tax in one country and tax domiciled in another.

Onboarding new workers, with the right partner who has local expert knowledge and experience, should be very speedy – within a matter of days or as soon as the talent can get their documents sent across.

Reliable and legally complaint payroll, from an experienced provider with expert knowledge and experience of how international banks operate, is key to ensuring workers are paid on time, every time.

With the right partner, offboarding is also simple for employers and workers alike, whether you transition staff to your new entity or otherwise.


Global HR Solutions removes the headache of complex onboarding and payroll and provides assurance of legal compliance across the complex international landscape of people management, for which you, as a company, are legally responsible.

The good news is that Global HR Solutions are cost effective so can be utilised as a mid to long-term solution if required (although you get what you pay for of course.)


How Do I Find a Reliable Global HR Solutions Partner?

There are a wide range of providers on the market providing quite different services so it’s important to be sure you select the right provider.

Here are our top tips for finding the right Partner for you:

    • Check what services they cover, do they have experience in all the crucial areas everything you need from assuring legal, onboarding and tax compliance, timely payments, and global workforce management.
    • Does the geographic area they specialise in, include the countries in which you operate? HR laws and compliance requirements are complex and can differ vastly in each country. Local legislation changes frequently – how do they keep up to date?

Example: If you are recruiting staff or contractors in Germany, your workforce management agency needs an AUG licence. You need a partner that specialises in the countries in which you operate. At Project Global we have a global network of experts so that we can provide assurance to our clients of their legal compliance giving complete peace of mind.

    • How are their charges structured? Check for additional charges or hidden costs. These can often be found for instance in exchange rates. Get full transparency so that you know your total costs.
    • Are you planning to pay staff and contractors as freelancers or employees? Is this compliant with the local laws of the country the individuals are based in?
    • How regularly and accurately will your staff or contractors be paid? What currency are they paid in? Delayed or unreliable payments lead to discontented teams. It’s not worth the risk. Make sure your agency is reliable, trustworthy, and efficient.

What is Included In Our Global HR Solutions?

We’ll onboard your new talent, ensuring all their documentation is diligently gathered and inspected to assure compliance to all applicable rules and regulations and securely stored for individuals. We make sure that your people are contracted properly and get regular and on-time payments. We manage time, expenses, and ongoing workforce management.

If you take security and legal compliance seriously and are looking for a Global HR Solutions agency that go above and beyond, we are here for you.

Compliance, Compliance, Compliance

Don’t be swayed by bells and whistles or cheap deals – you get what you pay for after all.

The number one priority should be compliance and the service you receive.

No amount of automated integration to your payroll platforms will help if you’re not compliant. This is why our clients come to us for extra peace of mind.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Providers?

We provide a superlative level of assurance of legal compliance, timely payments, and almost instantaneous onboarding. We are set up to make global payments simple and reliable for your staff and contractors.

We partner with our clients to provide a completely tailored, risk management framework of support that covers the needs of each individual client. No stone goes unturned to ensure we mitigate your risks as if they were our own.

Whether you have one new hire or a whole new team. Whether you want to expand into one new country or several at once, our experts have the experience to simplify your growth – all with one Trusted Global HR Partner.

We provide full transparency around how payments are made and the charges you will incur. We always provide timely and accurate payments, whether you have contract hires, permanent or freelance staff.

Wherever in the world you need us – we are here to provide an unmatched level of service enabling you to focus on your business with complete peace of mind.

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The role of ‘Digital Nomads’ in the modern workplace – what you need to know as an employer.

The Role of ‘Digital Nomads’ in the Modern Workplace – what you need to know as an employer.

Are digital nomads the solution to your talent gaps?

Rose McCarter-Field

Von Rose McCarter-Field

As the remote working revolution continues, many organisations are turning to ‘digital nomads’ to fill their recruitment pipelines. Digital nomads are workers who have chosen a lifestyle of travel abroad and support themselves by working remotely online.

Given their transient lifestyle, digital nomads are unable to work in a hybrid model, but the upside of this is that they can bring a wealth of skills and experience from different countries and cultures. They are often entrepreneurial, hard-working, and reliable, making them a valuable asset.

With the world becoming increasingly interconnected, digital nomads offer organisations a unique opportunity to benefit from a diverse range of talent without having to invest in physical infrastructure and are often happy to work in short term contracts giving businesses more flexible options.

Hiring digital nomads offers companies a unique opportunity to access a global talent pool of professionals who are highly skilled and often more cost-effective than hiring local workers.

In today’s market, digital nomads can help you to fill skills gaps and drive innovation in your business.


What Roles are Suitable for a Digital Nomad?

In a fully remote, internationally dispersed team, the role of a digital nomad is no different to any other member of your team. Their location has no impact on their ability to work and you are already operating over multiple time zones.

If you are not a fully remote team, there are still roles that are ideal for digital nomads. Here are four ways you can make the most of digital nomads in your hybrid or location-based business, whether they are full-time or part-time.

    1. To help with remote team building and collaboration.
    2. In project-based roles to bring in the specific skills and knowledge.
    3. To provide flexibility in times of increased workload or when a specific skill set is needed for a limited period, without committing to a long-term contract.
    4. Outsource specific tasks to digital nomads that you don’t have the capacity to handle internally.

Widening your talent pool to include digital nomads can enhance your business, providing you with access to the skills and knowledge to help you succeed.

Pros and Cons of International Teams

Create Extra Hours in The Day!

Digital nomads bring with them a unique set of skills and advantages, but there can be challenges, too. One of these is potential lags in communication due to different time zones.

This is true of any globally distributed team. While it’s possible to hire digital nomads in the same time zone, another option is to embrace the time differences and use them to your advantage.

By delegating workflow appropriately, digital nomads can be a real asset to your business giving you extra hours in the day!

In most businesses, there is a great deal of work that can be done asynchronously. When the actual work isn’t time-bound, such as analysing data or constructing sales pitches, it can be done just as well remotely. By hiring someone on the other side of the world, the work will get done while you are sleeping.

The ability to outsource work to digital nomads from anywhere in the world can help you get work done faster and more efficiently.

Digital Nomad Visas

Since the pandemic, many countries have introduced so called ‘digital nomad’ visas (variation in titles including ‘Temporary Resident Visa’- Mexico, ‘D Visa’ – Germany, and DE Rantau Visa – Malaysia) allowing freelance/ self-employed workers to stay and work remotely for a company outside the host country for between 6m – 2 years. Rules vary per country of course but generally proof of accommodation, health insurance, evidence of remote work and proof of earnings are often required. Usually there is a fee for the visa plus addition costs for family members.

Digital nomads may be able to pay income tax in the host country (often at a reduced rate) or in your home country as usual.

Global Compliance

In the modern global workforce, organisations face the challenge of managing employees in a variety of countries, each with their own employment and tax regulations and policies. This can be difficult to understand and manage, but compliance is a legal requirement of course.

Hiring overseas can be a legal minefield but it’s easy to get expert help.

An external provider of Global HR Solutions is a safe pair of hands when it comes to hiring remotely giving you complete peace of mind. Experienced agencies assist with the legal complexities of overseas employment and handle fully compliant payroll and benefits administration. A reliable global HR agency providing a top-notch service will ensure your employees and contractors feel valued from the start of onboarding and will simplify the process allowing you focus on growing your business.

Plus, if you need help recruiting talent, they often have greater access to international talent pools, so you can be sure to find the best people for the job.


Tailored Cost-Effective Solutions

At Project Recruit we have developed Global HR Solutions on demand to help our clients manage their international payroll for their digital nomad talent. Our solutions provide real-time insights into each country’s payroll and taxation laws, ensuring compliance and avoiding costly penalties for our clients.

Solutions are tailored according to the specific risk management framework required for each organisation, to ensure their digital nomads are paid correctly and on time and reducing the complexity of international payroll management for you.

The rise of remote work has opened up so many new opportunities for businesses – not just those looking to scale globally.

With the right Global HR Partner, you can identify and compliantly employ digital nomads with the skillsets required to take on the right tasks at the right time to help you succeed.

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5 Tips for Finding Effective Global HR Solutions

5 Tips for Finding Effective Global HR Solutions

How to successfully scale a global team with workforce management solutions (WFM).

Rose McCarter-Field

Von Rose McCarter-Field

Why do you need Global HR Solutions to scale your team successfully and legally?

When your business scales globally, your company is legally responsible for complying with local employment and taxation laws.

All employees and self-employed contractors need comprehensive verification checks, locally compliant contracts and consistent and reliable payments.

In each country you will need expert payroll, onboarding, contracting and time/expense management which can be costly and take up your valuable time.

This is where the right specialist Global HR Solutions Partner can give you complete peace of mind whilst saving you time and costs.

Here are our 5 top tips for choosing an effective Global HR Solutions Partner to manage the expansion of your global workforce.

1. Get assurance of international legal compliance from the WFM provider.

This means they must have first-hand experience and a network of legal experts that specialise in employment and taxation laws within the countries that you operate.

International employment and taxation laws are complex, and you as a company are legally responsible for compliance.

Right to work, IC, AML and KYC checks should be performed, and you don’t want to be liable for deemed employment or seen as a permanent establishment for taxation. Knowledge of local benefits and employment law is crucial to keep your talent happy.

2. Does your Global HR Partner offer everything you need in one vendor?

Ensure that you check that they have experience in the countries you need. Do they provide EOR and AOR services to onboard, contract and pay employees and Freelancers compliantly?

3. What kind of service are you paying for?

A bespoke risk framework specifically tailored for your unique requirements is ideal. You and your workforce should have a dedicated account manager and be able to speak to compliance experts directly.

Your workforce should feel the difference with an unmatched first-class onboarding service to ensure they feel part of your company from the moment they accept your offer.

For reliable payments, transparent costs, and a first class, timely service, you need a team of experts you can rely on.

4. How quickly can you get started?

Check that the partner WFM solutions company you are considering, can provide almost instantaneous onboarding, so that your new hires can get started quickly and compliantly.

5. Ask the Global HR partner how they can guarantee that your distributed workforce will be paid on-time, every time!

The right provider should have previous experience and expertise in-country and be able to explain what processes they have in place to ensure timely payments every month. Make your life simple and have total peace of mind with bespoke solutions for your growing global workforce.

At Project Recruit our Global HR Solutions provide a comprehensive and tailored payroll and global workforce management (GWM or WFM) service with assurance of ongoing legal compliance.

Read our country specific insights for employers here.

Find out about our Global HR Solutions.

Get in touch with us for seamless and almost instantaneous onboarding of permanent staff and self-employed contractor hires.

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