New International Payroll Series

Project Recruit International Payroll Services:
How We Help You To Stay Compliant

Rose McCarter-Field

By Rose McCarter-Field

At Project Recruit we put our clients first. When international recruitment and payroll liabilities change, we work with our clients to meet these new obligations.

As a result of coming global legislation changes, all companies with staff in more than one country will have increased payroll liabilities. At Project Recruit we have worked extensively with our clients to develop internationally complaint payroll, with the customer care of a localised service.

We have developed partnerships with 32 accountancy firms to ensure global understanding of complex legal responsibilities. We have been working with our international payroll teams to develop complex knowledge requirements. Our account managers have been working closely with each client to develop a payroll system that works for them, ensures compliance and is easy to manage. We’re not happy until you’re happy (and compliant).

Our network provides global coverage of payroll legislation and systems. This allows our clients to comply with the laws now, and the laws as they change. If you have any queries about international payroll and how it may affect you, feel free to get in touch. We will get back to you with relevant information, specific to your query.

For more information on the coming payroll changes read this article: Workplace Internationalization has Triggered a Change in Tax Liabilities

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