External Recruitment Methods

How to find a recruitment company that puts you first.

Rose McCarter-Field

By Rose McCarter-Field

Finding a recruitment company that puts you first can be difficult, but it’s worth the effort. 

We know that recruiting the right people for your organisation can be challenging, especially when you don’t have the right resources. That’s why partnering with external recruitment experts can be so beneficial. You get access to the right people, processes and technologies to ensure you find the perfect fit. 

But what can you expect from an external recruiter? What methods do they use? And are they worth the cost benefit for you? 

There are many methods of external recruitment. Not every recruiter or recruitment agency will take the same approach. Though most recruiters help save time and money by doing the initial screening of candidates and pre-qualifying them for interviews. They can also help to widen the talent pool, by providing access to a much larger source of applicants that may not be available through traditional job postings. 

Just as important as the recruitment methodology, is finding a recruiter that cares about and understands your goals. You need to find someone who will listen to your objectives and help you reach them. Taking the time to find a recruiter that is passionate about helping you achieve your goals can increase your chances of success. 

A recruiter that cares about you and the success of your team, will take the time to get to know you and your needs. They will utilise their specialist industry knowledge to provide bespoke advertising campaigns to attract the right people, and a bespoke shortlisting procedure to provide you with the best candidates for your unique needs.  

There is a big difference between recruiters that are working hard to fill seats and working hard to find the right candidates. With the right recruiter, it is possible to find the type of talent to upskill your team and your company. The right recruiter can find the right talent, fast. They will already have a large network of potential candidates that they can tap into. They will also be happy to head hunt for very specific skills and characteristics. 

At Project Recruit, we tailor our job advertising campaigns to suit you. This can include a range of job boards and social media approaches. We then help to shortlist what can often be a large number of applicants. We tap into our large network of pre-filtered candidates. And only provide the candidates that best suit you, your team, and your company. But, most importantly, we take the time to develop an understanding of your needs and help you to reach your growth goals. 

As a boutique recruitment agency, we offer full service recruitment and onboarding. Do you need for example a specialist recruiter in IT and cloud engineering? Or technology, business and data analytics? Someone that can work fast? Someone that will get to know each candidate well, before deciding who to recommend? If so, please get in touch and we’d be happy to help .

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