Has your global expansion been affected by Brexit? How can Global HR Solutions help?

Rose McCarter-Field

By Rose McCarter-Field

Many companies based in the UK wishing to operate in the EU have been affected by Brexit. This is also true for EU based companies wishing to operate in the UK. The landscape for companies with permanent staff and contractors across Europe has become more complex.

The requirements have increased as a result of a global move to ensure local tax compliance for international teams. Since the legal reforms of April 2021, compliance with current IR35 legislation is also a key factor for UK based staff and contractors.

Many technology and finance companies have been affected by this global move to increase local legal requirements. Both small companies and large corporations have had to change their payment and onboarding processes. Whether you are a young Greentech start up or an established enterprise, outsourcing your Global HR needs has become a reliable solution to ensure legal compliance and timely onboarding.

Relocating or hiring new staff in Europe and the EU? The US or India?

Whether you are relocating staff to another country, or hiring new staff in another country, Our Global HR Solutions make it easy. We provide efficient and effective provision of all the processes and paperwork required for global hiring and relocation via our EOR and AOR services for employees and freelance workers offering you greater flexibility.

Our global network of legal and accounting experts provides a seamless and effective, bespoke service.

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