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Project Global, the Global HR division of Project Recruit, provides bespoke global compliance services, ensuring that clients’ international contracts, payments, taxes, and invoicing are simplified, timely, and fully compliant worldwide. 

This is particularly crucial for clients with complex laws in various countries and those employing individuals with complicated personal situations. Our clients range from large global enterprises to start-ups and domestic companies seeking to attract top talent for expansion into new global markets.

We create a custom risk framework for each client, focusing on comprehensive solutions and compliance, which assists  in navigating the intricacies of global HR, payroll, and compliance. This gives complete peace of mind to hire, manage, and pay employees and self-employed contractors effectively and swiftly.

Project Global offers Employer of Record (EOR) and Agent of Record (AOR) services. We are experts in vetting and swiftly onboarding self-employed freelancers in compliance with the law, in situations like mergers or acquisitions where there is no legal entity in the country. 

Our solutions are supported by a global network of top-tier legal and accountancy specialists with localised market and cultural knowledge in over 130 countries.

Clients receive the highest level of service and expert guidance similar to that of large Global Accountancy firms but in a more cost-efficient manner, thereby safeguarding reputation and business continuity.

How Are We Different?

Project Global offers bespoke services tailored to the unique requirements of each client.

We differentiate ourselves by establishing close partnerships with our clients and their global talent, going the extra mile to understand the intricate details of each individual situation.

We carry out rigorous risk assessments and mitigate every risk until the client is entirely satisfied, while also ensuring continued compliance with changing legislative landscapes via continual reviews of the latest rules in each region.

Our team provides expert guidance on local employment laws, remuneration and benefits, contract creation, and rigorous background checks. We also guarantee timely payments for everyone, no matter where in the world they are.

Clients appreciate the human touch provided by a dedicated Account Manager from our Compliance Team. We ensure a seamless onboarding journey for the clients’ rare talent, regardless of their time zone.

Working swiftly to save time and money for clients, Project Global finds solutions to potential issues enabling clients to expand easily.

Why Do I Need Project Global?

With increasing regulations resulting in complex tax and immigration policies, and the challenges posed by a distributed workforce and continually changing legislation, companies often struggle to keep up with the latest rules. Businesses may need more custom solutions than their existing payroll platforms can provide for their international team members.

Global Payroll leaders have concerns about potential breaches of financial sanctions, deemed employment, or permanent establishment rules, which could expose their businesses to hefty penalties and damage their reputation.

Project Global ensures fair contracts and benefits to attract top talent and maintain a happy global team.  Our clients trust us as partners because we provide an unparalleled service that ensures compliance even in the most complex situations.

This reduces risk and enables businesses to expand swiftly.

Recognising that every country and individual is different, Project Global prides itself on offering distinct solutions that mirror these differences.

Compliant and Reliable International Payments

How We Can Help You

Create bespoke risk frameworks to mitigate global employment risks

Trusted partners for EOR & AOR services

Seamlessly onboard new hires quickly following M&A

Assist with scaling your team globally into new markets

Ensure Self-Employed freelancers are tax compliant

Mitigate Deemed Employment and Permanent Establishment risks

Provide employment contracts and benefit matching

Avoid corporate reputational damage

Simplify growth

Background checks


Global payments