How Will Global HR Solutions Benefit My Business?

Why do I need Global HR Solutions? What are the Risks to Employing People Overseas?

Rose McCarter-Field

By Rose McCarter-Field

Employing people overseas with no legal entity can be a complex minefield.

There are many risks to the business involved in hiring internationally that could result in lack of business continuity, fines and penalties and reputational damage

If you don’t already have a complete recruitment, payroll, and HR team set up to run smoothly and efficiently in-country, partnering with the right Global HR Solutions agency can provide a first-class service to your valued workforce and give you peace of mind that you will remain compliant.

Retaining Talent Despite Increased Global Mobility

In recent years, the way we work has shifted considerably. 

Since the pandemic the increased mobility of the global workforce has meant that a remote working model has become normal and is often now an expectation in many industries. Digital Nomads are enjoying their freedom to work remotely via newly created visas and incentives.

People are increasingly key to the success of any business and companies need to find a way to retain employees who have decided to return to their homeland or to improve their lifestyle by working online overseas. 

Widening The Candidate Pool and Attracting Top Talent

We have recently found ourselves with a skills shortage across many industries, which has led to recruiters looking elsewhere for the talent required to fill their roles. 

Employers are now more comfortable employing remote workers, as statistics show an increase in productivity and wellbeing. Offering remote work as a working model also ensures employers remain competitive in the current and future market, where candidates have greater leverage.

Partnering with a Global HR partner offering an EOR (Employer of Record) services for employees and an AOR (Agent of Record) services for freelancers / self-employed has given companies a relatively new avenue to retain and attract key talent, whilst remaining compliant and mitigating risk.

Global Expansion – Testing New Markets

Many companies are looking to expand their businesses globally but setting up a legal entity can incur considerable costs and can be a lengthy process.

You can test a new market very quickly and cost effectively despite having no legal entity by partnering with an expert Global HR Partner to compliantly hire, manage and pay staff in new territories, avoiding the complex risks involved in hiring staff overseas.

You no longer need to tie up considerable capital, resources and wait many months to set up a legal entity in a new country to move your rare talent around the globe to set up in new markets. Speed to market and compliance are no longer at odds.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The success of Merger & Acquisition deals can come down to the integration and transition of people, process, and systems. Planning and speed to market is key for board members and often companies find themselves in the position where they have new employees to pay quickly and match benefits but have no entity or local knowledge in the new country. 

A Global HR Partner can be an important tool for companies engaged in M&A to transition quickly and simply whilst their entity is being established.

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