International Team Recruitment

Your Checklist for Speedy and Effective Recruitment

Rose McCarter-Field

By Rose McCarter-Field

Recruiting a team in another country? Here is your essential checklist to ensure everything runs quickly and smoothly. Recruit a skilled team fast. Stay legally compliant with your contracts and international payroll.


Understand the terminology in that country

The job title and terms associated with your job will have different meanings in every country. Check your local terminology! Or ask a global HR expert to help!


Understand the working values of the country

Everything from legal holiday requirements to expected working conditions vary between each country. It’s worth getting a global expert involved who can help you to ensure you are providing the right offer to potential recruits.


Know your payroll legislation

The legal payroll requirements such as income tax will be different, make sure your payroll stays legally compliant when you start the team.


Know the employment law

Employment laws and cultural working expectations are different in each country. Make sure your company is compliant. At Project Recruit we work with a network of legal experts across 32 countries, so that our clients can gain assurance of local compliance across their globally situated offices.


Get Experienced Assistance

The nuances of recruitment and payroll in each country can be a minefield. Ensuring legal compliance is essential! It’s worth getting an expert involved to smooth the process, to make it run both quickly and in a legally compliant way.

As a client of Project Recruit, you have assurance of compliance with international tax legislation and anti-money laundering legislation.

Stay compliant with international laws now, and laws as they change. Gain access to our network of experts across 32 countries for seamless, reliable international payroll management.

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