Job Searching, The Basics

Irrespective of your current work situation, if you are in the market for a new role there are some channels that you should be exploring in order to maximise your reach as a candidate.

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Recruitment Agencies

Registering with recruitment agencies that specialise in the roles you are looking for, be it in your local market or internationally, is a good way of beginning the job search process. Typically you can apply for a role they are hiring for or register with them online. This normally prompts a specialist recruiter to give you a call and discuss your CV and requirements in more detail or to arrange a meeting at their offices so you can meet face to face. As and when roles become live that match your skills and experience they will contact you to discuss relevant opportunities in more detail.

Online job boards

Direct applications through online job boards have become increasing popular over the past decade. The rise of digital media is now wholly applicable to the talent market, with many employers now choosing to advertise their vacancies on job boards as well as briefing recruitment consultancies to source candidates. 

Registering with both niche, industry specific job boards, as well as generalist job boards, will help you keep on top of new roles coming onto the market. Once registered, it is best to save job searches in your profile, as well as setting up job alerts. You will then be emailed when new roles matching your searches are advertised. 

Social Networking

Social media has very quickly become one of the preferred mediums for employers to attract top talent. LinkedIn is in the midst of its transition from a business networking tool to a job search engine with the largest number of registered professionals on a single website, globally. Having a complete and well written LinkedIn profile increases your chances of being headhunted by recruiters and contacted by employers who are advertising a role that may have applied for.