More Than Planting Trees

The Project Recruit Journey to Becoming Carbon Neutral

Rose McCarter-Field

By Rose McCarter-Field

Have you ever wondered how much of an environmental impact a recruitment company has? Or how it can be offset? At Project Recruit, we have taken on this challenge.

As a company whose operations are primarily digital, a substantial amount of our environmental impact is data usage. This combined with our office space, energy use, and occasional travel is how we have managed to quantify our carbon footprint.

Using providers that also offset their own carbon footprint and take measures to reduce their own environmental impact is one first big step. For example the servers that run our website and our internal data storage are managed by carbon neutral companies.

Where we haven’t yet managed to remove or reduce our environmental footprint, we have taken measures to offset our emissions. 

Planting trees can be seen as the go-to solution for offsetting carbon. However, the effect is delayed until the trees are fully grown and only lasts as long as the lifespan of the trees. There is also the consideration of the carbon released into the atmosphere at the end of the tree’s life or when they are felled. So, alongside planting trees for the future, we are investing in carbon reducing programmes that have both an immediate and long term impact.

These programmes for example include sustainable composting and the provision of clean fuels for cooking in African countries. We are also investing in reforestation in the UK, to mitigate against a depleting number of woodland areas.

We are still perfecting our journey. The road to becoming carbon neutral is complex. As our understanding of the environment increases, the measures to reduce our environmental impact will adapt. We are dedicated to the continual improvement necessary to help our planet to thrive.

Watch this space for updates.