Responsible Recruitment and International Compliance

How a recruitment company can assure your legal compliance

Rose McCarter-Field

By Rose McCarter-Field

International recruitment faces increasingly complex legislation as the world moves to a growing digital and global workplace. A company is accountable for international tax compliance and compliance to anti-money laundering legislation, in many of the companies in which it’s staff operate.

As an internal HR team, ensuring compliance with international tax and anti-money laundering legislation is a large and complex task. As a recruitment agency ensuring that staff resourcing and payroll comes with such compliance, requires a global network of resources. 

HR specialists in every relevant country are essential to keep up to date with changing legislation. Outside specialist help is critical for compliance. As such, at Project Recruit we have partnered with 32 accountancy firms in order to ensure the acquisition of such complex knowledge. These firms provide global coverage of legislation systems. This allows our clients to comply with the laws now, and the laws as they change.

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