Responsible Recruitment

Boutique Recruitment

You need a recruiter that listens to you and understands your needs. We go the extra mile to get to know our clients and candidates. That’s how you get the best match.

responsible recruiters 3 women
responsible recruiters 3 women

Tenacity is everything

Only Accept the Best Candidates



Get an industry specialist account manager that really listens and never stops searching for the best match.



Get your new hires in place fast. If time is of the essence, know your recruiter is working to your schedule.



Know that even the most complex of requests will be understood. Know your recruiter will put your needs first, always.

compliance payroll legislation hammer

International Compliance

As a client, you have assurance of compliance with international tax legislation and anti-money laundering legislation. 

Stay compliant with international laws now, and laws as they change. Gain access to our network of experts across 130+ countries for seamless, reliable international payroll management.

compliance payroll legislation hammer
diverse team
diverse team

Promoting Diversity

Need support recruiting a more diverse team? Work with recruiters that are experienced in promoting diversity.

Click below to access our latest guidance on how to open up your company to a wider talent pool.


Environmental Sustainability

Make your recruitment and payroll carbon neutral by working with us! At Project Recruit we do everything we can to both reduce and offset our environmental impact.

We are continually working on our environmental impact. Watch this space for more updates!