Scaling Your Business Successfully with Our Global HR Solutions

Essential considerations when expanding your team globally

Rose McCarter-Field

By Rose McCarter-Field

Looking to expand your business operations to get a foothold into new markets?

Perhaps you want to test a new market before fully committing considerable time and finances setting up a new entity?

You could be scrambling to ensure your new staff are paid compliantly post-merger or acquisition?

Whether employing new permanent staff or engaging self-employed short-term contractors, there are essential considerations to legally scale your team overseas, ensuring that your company does not fall foul of local laws and risk hefty fines.

Global expansion is an achievable goal for many companies worldwide but can be complex and daunting to venture into a new country in which you have never operated before.

Every country has its own legislation with regards to employment law, benefits, taxation, payments and employer responsibilities which you must comply with.

Local employment and taxation laws also differ depending on whether the worker is self-employed, or a permanent employee and many countries now have laws to ensure that the category of worker is correctly assessed for tax purposes.

There is a considerable risk of ‘deemed employment’ whereby self-employed workers could be deemed as operating as employees for law or tax purposes – which is a significant risk for the hirer who would be liable in case of lost taxes or employee benefits.

Companies can also risk being classified as a ‘permanent establishment’ in-country and incur tax demands, penalties and reputational damage.

So what is the solution?

A trusted Global HR partner with local legal and accounting expertise and experience of working in the relevant country will work with you to ensure you stay on top of changing legislation, employer responsibilities and taxation regulations effortlessly.

At Project Recruit we are experts in Global HR Solutions worldwide, enabling our clients to expand internationally, quickly, cost effectively and most importantly – compliantly.

Your people are your business so it’s crucial that your HR partner has experience and knowledge of local benefits and customs. At Project Recruit we are experts in Global HR Solutions worldwide, enabling our clients to expand internationally, quickly, cost effectively and most importantly – compliantly.

Once your talent is up and running as soon as possible, you will also have assurance that they will be paid reliably, compliantly, and accurately on-time, every time.

Our service is tailored to your company needs and can include:

    • Employer of Record (EOR) and Agency of Record (AOR) services
    • Full background checks including right to work, AML and KYC checks
    • Assistance with worker status determination such as IR35
    • Independent contractor verifications
    • Country and worker specific contracts for legal and taxation compliance
    • Expert guidance with local benefits and customs as well as employment law
    • First class onboarding service enabling your team to get to work quickly and legally.
    • Legally compliant payroll, time, and expense management
    • Assurance of ongoing legal compliance as the local legislation is updated frequently
    • Provide timely and accurate independent contractor payments, every time
    • Provide consolidated invoices to save your time
    • Ongoing workforce management for your team overseas.

At Project Recruit our Global HR Solutions can provide a fully comprehensive payroll and global workforce management service with compliance assured giving you peace of mind.

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