Simplify Your Job Search

Job searching  irrespective of the length of one’s career can be daunting and frustrating, especially if the process stretches on for longer than you may have expected.

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Despite the talent market being extremely buoyant, as we enter into the second half of the year, employers are still acting with caution. This more often than not leads to a longer application and interview process for roles in comparison to the talent market of previous years. 

Below are a few of Project Recruit’s top tips to deal with this anxiety and make the whole process simpler.

Don’t take rejection personally. It is tough when you are rejected for a job that you thought you were perfect for, but you will be serving yourself better by removing your emotions from the equation as much as you can. Job searching is littered with rejection. It is unfortunately part of the process that one must go through. Remain positive and resilient, the perfect role for you is out there. 

Time lag is normal. When you’re job searching, time often feels as though it’s moving incredibly slowly. While you are anxiously staring at your phone waiting for it to ring, the hiring manager may not even have begun to wade through their stack of applications. It can help to remember this difference and not get too worked up about why you haven’t heard from them yet. 

Hiring managers are juggling lots of other priorities. Hiring the right candidate is paramount for them, but this process of selection all takes time. Be patient and continue searching or channel your focus elsewhere. Mentally move on right away; it’s far better for your peace of mind to put that job out of your head as soon as you have submitted your application because there’s nothing to be gained by pondering.