The Role of ‘Digital Nomads’ in the Modern Workplace – what you need to know as an employer.

Are digital nomads the solution to your talent gaps?

Rose McCarter-Field

By Rose McCarter-Field

As the remote working revolution continues, many organisations are turning to ‘digital nomads’ to fill their recruitment pipelines. Digital nomads are workers who have chosen a lifestyle of travel abroad and support themselves by working remotely online.

Given their transient lifestyle, digital nomads are unable to work in a hybrid model, but the upside of this is that they can bring a wealth of skills and experience from different countries and cultures. They are often entrepreneurial, hard-working, and reliable, making them a valuable asset.

With the world becoming increasingly interconnected, digital nomads offer organisations a unique opportunity to benefit from a diverse range of talent without having to invest in physical infrastructure and are often happy to work in short term contracts giving businesses more flexible options.

Hiring digital nomads offers companies a unique opportunity to access a global talent pool of professionals who are highly skilled and often more cost-effective than hiring local workers.

In today’s market, digital nomads can help you to fill skills gaps and drive innovation in your business.


What Roles are Suitable for a Digital Nomad?

In a fully remote, internationally dispersed team, the role of a digital nomad is no different to any other member of your team. Their location has no impact on their ability to work and you are already operating over multiple time zones.

If you are not a fully remote team, there are still roles that are ideal for digital nomads. Here are four ways you can make the most of digital nomads in your hybrid or location-based business, whether they are full-time or part-time.

    1. To help with remote team building and collaboration.
    2. In project-based roles to bring in the specific skills and knowledge.
    3. To provide flexibility in times of increased workload or when a specific skill set is needed for a limited period, without committing to a long-term contract.
    4. Outsource specific tasks to digital nomads that you don’t have the capacity to handle internally.

Widening your talent pool to include digital nomads can enhance your business, providing you with access to the skills and knowledge to help you succeed.

Pros and Cons of International Teams

Create Extra Hours in The Day!

Digital nomads bring with them a unique set of skills and advantages, but there can be challenges, too. One of these is potential lags in communication due to different time zones.

This is true of any globally distributed team. While it’s possible to hire digital nomads in the same time zone, another option is to embrace the time differences and use them to your advantage.

By delegating workflow appropriately, digital nomads can be a real asset to your business giving you extra hours in the day!

In most businesses, there is a great deal of work that can be done asynchronously. When the actual work isn’t time-bound, such as analysing data or constructing sales pitches, it can be done just as well remotely. By hiring someone on the other side of the world, the work will get done while you are sleeping.

The ability to outsource work to digital nomads from anywhere in the world can help you get work done faster and more efficiently.

Digital Nomad Visas

Since the pandemic, many countries have introduced so called ‘digital nomad’ visas (variation in titles including ‘Temporary Resident Visa’- Mexico, ‘D Visa’ – Germany, and DE Rantau Visa – Malaysia) allowing freelance/ self-employed workers to stay and work remotely for a company outside the host country for between 6m – 2 years. Rules vary per country of course but generally proof of accommodation, health insurance, evidence of remote work and proof of earnings are often required. Usually there is a fee for the visa plus addition costs for family members.

Digital nomads may be able to pay income tax in the host country (often at a reduced rate) or in your home country as usual.

Global Compliance

In the modern global workforce, organisations face the challenge of managing employees in a variety of countries, each with their own employment and tax regulations and policies. This can be difficult to understand and manage, but compliance is a legal requirement of course.

Hiring overseas can be a legal minefield but it’s easy to get expert help.

An external provider of Global HR Solutions is a safe pair of hands when it comes to hiring remotely giving you complete peace of mind. Experienced agencies assist with the legal complexities of overseas employment and handle fully compliant payroll and benefits administration. A reliable global HR agency providing a top-notch service will ensure your employees and contractors feel valued from the start of onboarding and will simplify the process allowing you focus on growing your business.

Plus, if you need help recruiting talent, they often have greater access to international talent pools, so you can be sure to find the best people for the job.


Tailored Cost-Effective Solutions

At Project Recruit we have developed Global HR Solutions on demand to help our clients manage their international payroll for their digital nomad talent. Our solutions provide real-time insights into each country’s payroll and taxation laws, ensuring compliance and avoiding costly penalties for our clients.

Solutions are tailored according to the specific risk management framework required for each organisation, to ensure their digital nomads are paid correctly and on time and reducing the complexity of international payroll management for you.

The rise of remote work has opened up so many new opportunities for businesses – not just those looking to scale globally.

With the right Global HR Partner, you can identify and compliantly employ digital nomads with the skillsets required to take on the right tasks at the right time to help you succeed.

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