Why women are the solution to your staff shortages

Rose McCarter-Field

By Rose McCarter-Field

While the world of tech finds it’s new normal, staff shortages are causing delays in development.

Finding the right talent has never been easy. But in today’s world we have hit a talent shortage in tech. We need to branch out.

Women represent 50% of the available workforce. For the past ten years they have represented 17% of the staff in science, engineering, and technology (SET). With increasing staff shortages, perhaps it’s time we looked at why staff in SET seem to fit a certain stereotype.

Harvard Business Review research has shown that companies in the US that have carried out female focussed recruitment drives, have seen an increase in their female staff. 

If we can’t find high calibre staff in our usual pool of talent, we need to branch out. Perhaps it’s time to focus on the female talent pool?

We are holding a webinar on women in technology, it covers everything from recruitment, to retention, and promotion. If you’d like to attend you can sign up here.